Black Viking Lobed Full Tang Sword

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Black Viking Lobed Full Tang Sword

If you were to challenge a Viking to battle, you would likely wind up facing a Viking Sword Type IX just like this Black Viking Warrior Sword. Rugged and hardy looking, this weapon recreates the iconic appearance of the Vikings classic weapon in stunning detail. The carbon steel blade is full tang, with a gradual profile taper and a shallow fuller. This combination gives the Viking Sword Type IX good balance, as well as a rounded point that puts more percussion behind every strike, while still preserving some thrusting ability. The silver cast-metal guard has a gentle downward curve towards the blade, although the guard is kept intentionally small, in true historic Viking style. The one-handed grip is wood with black leather wrapping, while the lobed pommel completes the look of this sword nicely. Included with the sword is a matched black-leather wrapped scabbard. For a Viking, there is no better weapon to wield then a sword like this one, and that makes this Black Viking Warrior Sword a solid addition to your costume arsenal, as well as to your medieval collection!

Overall Length: 38.5 Inches
Blade Length: 31 Inches
Blade Materials: 1045 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Tang: Full Length Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Functional, Practice
Handle Length: 5 Inches
Handle: Wooden, Black Leather Wrapped Grip
Blade Width: 2 Inches (at widest point)
Blade Features: Gradual Profile Taper, Rounded Point, Fuller
Guard: Steel, Possesses Downward Curved, Short Quillons
Pommel: Steel, Upward Curve, Type IX (9) Classic Viking
Includes: Wooden, Black, Leather Wrapped Scabbard w Metal Fittings