Cobra Dagger With Nylon Sheath.

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Cobra Dagger With Nylon Sheath.
This Demonic Cobra Dagger features a stainless steel blade that is very sharp. Engraved on both sides of the blade is the kissing serpents, or snakes, to which the evil spirit appears from the fantasy void. The blade profile is unique in how wide it in at the base, and how it tapers down to the point forming a trailing point blade profile. This exquisite and sharp blade is meant for display purposes.

The forward guard of the dagger is actually a King Cobra cast metal with the head peering over the spine of the blade, and the tail sweeping back across the handle. The handle on this Demonic Cobra Dagger in authentic cast zinc aluminum alloy which has an electroplated antiqued finish. The pommel finishes the overall evil look with a horned demon bearing teeth. Comes with a nylon sheath holster and belt loop with retaining snap.

Overall Length: 15.6 Inches
Blade Length: 10.65 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Tang: Half Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, Display Prop, Ornate
Blade Features: Engraved on Both Sides, Trailing Point
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches, 3 Inch Grip Area
Handle: Authentic Zinc Aluminum Alloy, Antiqued Finish
Other Features: Demon Cast Pommel, King Cobra Snake Guard
Includes: Free Nylon Sheath, Belt Loop, Retaining Snap
Finish: Metallic