Custom Made Damascus Steel Chef Knife Rose Wood & Giraffe Handle …

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Custom Made Damascus Steel Chef Knife

This is a beautifully crafted Damascus Steel Chef's Knife with rose wood handle. It includes Giraffe Bone and Brass Spacer. This knife is a 100% handmade Damascus steel chef knife with rose wood handle. The blade of the chef's knife is a hand forged steel blade, with a steel quality of 1095 to 15N20 high carbon Japanese steel. 200 layers, and the heat treatment is 52-56 RC. This handle of this knife is full tang, made out of rose wood. This knife comes with a unique Giraffe Bone and Brass Spacer. We have only Limited Quantity Available!!! This knife has one of the best blades on the market, so make sure not to miss out! This knife is a must have for any chef or cooking enthusiast!
Overall Length: 12.5 Inches
Blade Length: 7.95 Inches
Handle Length: 4.625 Inches
Rose Wood Handle Giraffe Bone & Brass Spacer
1095 to 15N20 High Carbon Japanese steel

***Care and maintenance for your Damascus Steel Kitchen, Chef, or Cutlery blade: Before storing your knife, please coat it with vegetable oil or Vaseline to prevent rusting or drying of the forged steel. If you have just cleaned your knife, you should dry it immediately and then apply the vegetable oil or Vaseline. Other cooking oils can be substituted for vegetable oil, such as coconut oil.