Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade Key Blade Life Sized

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Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade full sized replica prop made of tough foam material with a fiber reinforced core. This is an awesome big kids toy and will ascend the ranks of collectors status and is the most iconic Keyblade, or default form of Sora's Key. It can be upgraded to the Kingdom Key+ and the Kingdom Key++. This Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade is constructed of tough poly-foam material with a plastic tube shaft, and a durable latex outer coating with very refined and long lasting color finish that features a metallic or candy sheen. The chain tassel is actually an ultra strong ABS material with hard metallic coating that mimics solid metal for the look, feel, and sound of the real thing, yet without any metal parts. The Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade is built without metal parts to be conventions and Cosplay friendly, since Dragoncon, Comicon, and other similar events only allow non-metal props.

Kingdom Hearts FOAM Sora Keyblade! Enjoy hours of Live Action Roll Play with the family with our Foam Padded Sword. It is totally safe and secure for children and a great item for Cosplay or conventions. It features a durable foam construction. To allow for its use in LARP battles, this weapon is crafted with a fiberglass core and features an outer layer made from mold injected latex. Features: High Density Flexible Foam High Quality Color Coating Extremely Highly Detailed Handle

Specifications Overall Length: 35.5 Inches
Materials: Poly Foam, Latex, Plastic Tube Shaft
Handle Length: 9.25 Inches
Handle Width: 9 Inches
Blade Length: 26.5 Inches
Blade Width: 4.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 25mm (shaft)