1 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun Self Defense w Flashlight CR2 Lithium

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1 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun

1 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun

Shock an attacker to a sudden stop! This cell phone-looking stun gun delivers 1 Million Volts of lightning protection at the push of a button. Includes safety button on side, power switch, extra-bright LED flashlight, and case with belt clip. Requires three CR2 batteries (included). All other buttons are for appearance only. Personal Security Products A quarter second burst will startle an attacker, cause minor muscle contractions, and have a repelling effect. A 5 second blast (or longer) can immobilize an attacker, causing disorientation, loss of balance, and weakness for several minutes.
*Must be 18 years or older to buy*

Overall Length: 4 Inches
Voltage Output: 1 Million Volts
Construction: Thick Durable ABS
Electrode Contacts: 4 Total, All Metal
Power Source: 3 Lithium Batteries, CR2 (Included)
Features: Safety Switch, Wrist Lanyard
Includes: Fine Leather Case, Belt Clip, 3 Batteries, Lanyard