3 Pcs Black Dragon Bushido Samurai Katana Sword Set

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3 Pcs Black  Dragon Bushido Samurai Katana Sword Set

Swords do have a personality that is unique to that sword, or that design. This makes the Samurai's belief that their sword also held a soul not as far fetched. This sword set makes it easy for the personality of the sword to come out. On each sword blade is imprinted with a character describing the nature of the sword.The swords of the set are well balanced with careful attention paid to the look, feel and the overall authenticity of each sword.The set includes the Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, and a three tier sword stand.Guard: The guard of the katana is a circular design, built sturdy, with detailed golden dragon on each side. The guard also features a golden blade collar.Blade: The blade is HQCS carbon steel with the hamon along the edge of the blade. The blade comes already sharpened with the ability to be sharpened further by the owner. Japanese characters are chiseled into the blade above the blade collar.Scabbard: The scabbard is constructed of wood with a shiny gloss finish and a black cord wrap sage-o. The scabbard ends with a full end cap featuring a steel pattern overlaid with golden dragon bows. The scabbard throat is another steel fitting with golden dragons.