Assassins Guild Dark Leather Bracers Light Armor Brown Arm Cuffs Pair

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Assassins Guild Dark Leather Bracers

This pair of Assassins Guild Dark Leather Bracers are handmade with solid steel rivets in the middle and edges. A large round plate rivet is added right at the center, and each arm cuff is stitched at the top and bottom, with doubled layers. Special care was taken to ensure quality for each individual piece, and they will be a matching pair in size and color. Plus, special pressed design is added. at the middle for the classic Medieval fantasy look. Adjustable laces are included for a custom fit.

Pair of two GENUINE LEATHER Bracers!
Overall Length: 10 Inches
Arm Coverage: Forearms, Wrists
String: Fully Adjustable, Nylon Tie
Size: One Size Fits Adult Sizes