Dramatical Murder Koujaku's Replica Sword - Carbon Steel Katana Red Handle

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Dramatical Murder Koujaku's Replica Sword

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From both the video game and the Anime show comes this bright red Dramatical Murder Koujaku's Replica Sword with a Katana-like hilt carried by Koujaku in Dramatical Murder. It is a carbon steel replica version with a slightly sharpened edge for Cosplay and display, but can be easily sharpened out with a whetstone. The unique blade design is both lightweight and wide for an aggressive attack, plus Dramatical Murder Koujaku's Replica Sword has unique cutout features. The guard is all metal and looks like old brass, followed by the bright red handle. The handle is actually wooden with black faux Rayskin and red nylon for proper grip and handling. The metal pommel features a red tassel with fine string design. Comes with a free red Cordura sheath that also features adjustable should strap for easy carry at Cosplay and conventions.

Overall Length: 34 Inches
Blade Length: 25.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Blade Style: Katana-style Machete, Fantasy Blade
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Oil for Preservation
Blade Features: Middle Cutout, Unique Shape
Sharpness & Functionality: Slightly Sharp, Angled Edge, Half Tang, Cosplay Replica
Handle Length: 9 Inches
Handle: Black Faux Rayskin, Red Nylon Wrap, Wooden
Guard: All Metal, Rectangular, Antiqued Brass-look
Pommel: All Metal, Antiqued Brass-look, Red Tassel
Includes: Free Red Cordura Sheath w Adjustable Shoulder Strap