Fidget Spinner Deep Blue Bat Toy Anxiety Stress Relief Focus EDC Spinner ADHD

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Fidget Spinner Deep Blue Bat Toy

ERGONOMIC CURVE DESIGN: An injection molded ABS+PC Material better quality and higher cost than most common pure ABS material products BLACKED OUT, BLAZING FAST, CENTRAL CERAMIC BEARING: Spin baby spin!

The central bearing is a Ceramic Hybrid or Hardened Steel Bearing which ages like a fine wine, getting smoother and faster the more you fidget. You can pop the central lid to add some oil, but we recommend doing so after several thousand revolutions to allow the bearings to set in first. Easily spins for well over a minute with one push after break-in and oil. RELIEVE STRESS: Ideal for those who just can’t sit still or focus.

REMOVABLE ABEC 7 RATED EXTERIOR BEARINGS: All bearings are removable for future customization you may want, or simply to fidget without them in place PERFECT SIZE : suitable for adults and children over 3 years old

Overall Length: 3.25 Inches
Number of Bearings: 3 Each
Ball Bearing Material: Hardened Metal Alloy and Ceramic
Bearing Color: Black, Silver
ABS Color: Deep Blue