Lost Blood 1095 High Carbon Steel Bowie Blank Blade Limited Edition

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Lost Blood 1095 High Carbon Steel  Bowie Blank Blade Limited Edition


Lost Blood 1095 High Carbon Steel  Bowie Blank Blade Limited Edition 


 The  1095 Forged Steel Blank Bowie Knife Blood Grove Blade has been forged and handmade, then heat treated to 58-60 HRC Rockwell hardness scale. The edge is extremely sharp, and hardened 1095 steel is well known to hold it's edge for a long time. 1095 Forged Steel Blank Lost Blood Bowie Knife features a flat grind with profiled edge. Just a blank tang is present to allow you to fasten your own handle. Please remember to clean and dry your blades immediately after use, then rub down with mineral oil if in a cooking environment, or you can use other common oils if not for food preparation. For display purposes too. You could easily turn this into a common bushcraft knife if you want.

Make Your Owen Handle


Overall Length: 14. Inches
Blade Length: 8.4 Inches

Blade Material: 1095 Forged High Carbon Steel


Handle Length: 5 Inches

Blade Width:1.4 Inches Black Blood Grove Blade 

Blade Thickness: 5.39mm 

Hole On The Handle Round. 5.89MM

Hardness or Temper: 58-60 HRC Rockwell Scale

Sharpness & Functionality: Extremely Sharp (AF), Professional Grade Cutting
Blade Features:Bras Guard Sliver Blade Very Sharp

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