MOSHIRO Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou 1045 High Carbon w 550 Paracord

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MOSHIRO Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou

MOSHIRO Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou

Cross the modern American tactical culture with the effectiveness of Japanese blades and the result is this functional, handmade, battle ready Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou. The length of this sword is just right to be wielded in one hand or in two, and as a quick sidearm when zombies get too close for comfort. Actually, the 1045 high carbon steel blade has a true edge to it and has been heat treated for toughness. The edge is sharp enough to be effective, even though it is not as sharp as some of the really high dollar swords, it has the same flat angle all the way to the edge of the blade.

The tang is full length through the handle on this Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou. In fact, it is just a monolithic steel flat with two handle grips pinned onto it. The Tsuba is solid brass with a slightly natural patina. You will notice this handle grip is made as a solid, modern, functional part of the sword, composed of a special fiberous infused nylon material that inhibits vibration and allows absolute grip featuring checkered texturing. You will notice the paracord tassel and friction lock on the handle too, which you could re-tie or adjust to secure the blade in the hand differently.

Even the Saya (scabbard) is in a league of it's own on this Modern Sporting Sword Tactical Wakizashi of Honshou. It keeps the traditional hardwood construction with black speckled finish, yet combines that with modern day necessity. Solid brass fitting, for example, allows you very secure fitment with your gear or weapons systems arrangement. The Saya has a massive amount of 550 Paracord wrapped around with a slipknot at the middle. You can use this to help secure the sword to your Molle plate carrier or load bearing vest, or in a survival/emergency, you have a good length of paracord you can unwind to have at your disposal. We are unsure of exactly how long the paracord is since we have not yet unravelled one, but we do know it is significantly sizable. Comes with black cloth sword bag for storage, carry, or peace tie.
*Must be 18 years or older to buy*

Overall Length: 32.25 Inches
Blade Length: 20.75 Inches
Blade Material: 1045 High Carbon Steel, Heat Treated
Blade Thickness: 6mm
Tang: Full Length Tang, Monolithic w Blade, Visible through Handle
Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, Battle Ready, Sporter Sword
Tsuba: Solid Brass, Simple Dual Hole Design, Low Profile
Handle Length: 10 Inches
Handle: Hard Fiber Nylon, Black, Triple Brass Pegged to Tang
Saya: Solid Hardwood, Brass Fitting, Extra Long 550 Paracord Wrapped
Includes: Cloth Sword Bag
Paracord Color: Coyote Brown