Runouni Orchid Samurai Katana Sword W/ Concealed Tanto

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Runouni Orchid Samurai Katana Sword  W/ Concealed Tanto

Attributes of the Weapon:Blade: The blade of the sword is 440stianless steel featuring the visible temper line along the edge of the blade. The blade is rat tang design and comes already sharpened.Scabbard: The scabbard is wooden covered by black leather. The sheath ends with a steel end cap decorated with an orchid. Wrapped around the upper half of the scabbard is a black cord sage-o. The sheath begins with a steel scabbard throat also detailed with an orchid.Guard: The guard of the sword is a steel disc with orchids on each side. The guard begins with a steel blade collar and ends with a steel fitting securing the blade to the handle.Handle: The handle is wooden with steel dragon pins securing the tang of the blade.A black cord wrap covers the handle for the best in grip and comfort.The handle is extra long for both hands practice.Mini-Tanto:The handle of the sword ends with a hidden dagger that pulls out of the pommel of the sword. This hidden dagger is stainless steel and comes already sharpened.Why not indulge in what you really want, what you really deserve!.(Color Gold or Black)