Samurai Special - Famous Crane Katana Sword Carbon Steel

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Samurai Special - Famous Crane Katana Sword Carbon Steel

Although technically not part of the Musashi brand, our Samurai Special series of katana swords are produced by the Musashi forge and are a more economical version of Bushido Musashi. Designed to provide our customers with the best katana possible for under $40. These swords are an excellent choice for light entry cutting, training, growing a functional sword collection, gifts and presentations, and general "back yard beater" cutting and show use. Product Specifications: Thick handmade high carbon steel blade. Full tang battle ready sword (Not a "display replica"). Hand honed blade edge comes very sharp. Full tang blade extends to the end of the handle. Dual bamboo peg construction. Unique guard (tsuba) and fittings. All fittings are tight and black finished metal. Black matte scabbard (saya) with metal mouth and engraved design. Black cotton cord wrapped hardwood handle. Includes black cotton sword carry & storage bag. Faux ray skin handle. This sword can be dismantled for care or display. Blade Length: 26 in. Handle Length: 10 3/4 in. Overall Length: 38 1/2 in.