Sandai Kitetsu FOAM One Piece Anime Katana & Saya Roronoa Zoro Sword

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Sandai Kitetsu FOAM One Piece Anime Katana & Saya

Sandai Kitetsu FOAM One Piece Anime Katana & Saya is carried by Roronoa Zoro (Burgundy Cursed Sword called Sandai Kitetsu) is an O Wazamono grade Katana known as the cursed sword for its reputation of cutting down it's own masters due to bad luck. Roronoa Zoro tested his luck with the Sandai Kitetsu when he found it in a sword shop in the bargain bin. Zoro tossed the Katana into the air spinning in circles, then stuck his arm out below the sword as it swung around and narrowly missed his flesh. In a way, Sandai Kitetsu chose Zoro as it's master for his blunt courage and sheer luck. This replica of the One Piece Anime & Manga Katana is made with a FOAM blade that is approved for Cosplay conventions. Forget the wooden versions, this foam prop has a 7mm thick blade that can literally be bent over 90 degrees without breaking a sweat. Have a little fun with your new sword, it might even work for some LARP events.

This is the Sandai Kitetsu FOAM One Piece Anime Katana & Saya (scabbard included). Designed to look attractive yet be completely safe to use and carry, this is the ultimate cosplayer's accessory for any type of Samurai or anime-based costume. Featuring accurate coloring and durable foam construction, this will pair well for any event costume. The entirety of the FOAM One Piece Trafalgar Law Sword toy Cosplay prop is made to look exactly like a real sword, yet it is constructed without a single metal part.

Overall Length: 39.125 Inches
Blade Length: 27.25 Inches
Blade Material: High Density Foam
Blade Thickness: 7mm
Purpose: Fun, Cosplay, Conventions, Costume, Display, LARP, Etc
Tsuba: ABS, Antiqued Metallic Finish, Unique Design
Handle Length: 10.125 Inches
Handle: Black Faux Rayskin, Burgundy Ito Wrap
Saya: Hardwood, Plastic Fitting w Metallic Look
Saya Finish: Burgundy Red Painted, Burgundy Red Wrap w Gold Accent
Includes: Foam Japanese Katana Sword Prop with Saya Scabbard