Spikester Fidget Tri-Spinner Green Fireball Focus ADHD Finger Toy EDC Stress Relief

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Spikester Fidget Tri-Spinner Green Fireball

The Purpose...
Do you suffer from ADD, ADHD, anxiety, or just find yourself fidgeting, twiddling your thumbs, or just get bored at work/school? If so, then a Spikester Fidget Tri-Spinner Green Fireball is the perfect toy for you! Help combat boredom, nervousness, and anxiety with this one of a kind device, just pick it up and spin it in your hand and watch the time fly by! You will never be able to put this spinner down!

The possibilities are endless. Maybe you're a casual spinner, and just spin for the fun and calmness of it. Or maybe you'll pick up some spinner tricks and impress your friends? Who knows, but what I can tell you is that this simplest of toys will change your life. Goodbye are the days of clicking your pen, tapping your desk, and shaking your leg, and welcome the days of spinning!

Overall Diameter: 3.25 Inches
Material: High Strength Polymer
Number of Bearings Total: 1
Inner Bearing: High Quality Steel R188
Outer Weighted Dust Cover: Black
Spinner Color: Green