Tizona Del Cid Sword Replica Longsword Epee-Styled Medieval

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Tizona Del Cid Sword Replica Longsword

Tizona is the ancient sword carried by El Cid which was used to fight the Moors in Spain. Today, the Tizona Del Cid is one of Spain's most cherished and important relics, and can be found at the Museo de Burgos in Burgos, Spain. This treasured replica of the Tizona Del Cid sword is beautifully crafted of polished stainless steel with a wire-wrapped handle and intricately detailed guard.

Full length decorative stainless steel blade, the Tizona Del Cid Sword Replica Longsword is perfect for collectors of fascinating historical pieces. This European medieval sword resembles an Epee rapier, yet still remains a European broadsword, or Knightly sword. Comes with a black pleather or leather sheath.

Overall Length: 40.5 Inches
Blade Length: 33 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 3.1mm
Tang: Full Length
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened Replica, Historical Prop
Guard: Forward Swept, Decorative, All Metal, 7.55 Inches Wide
Handle Length: 7 Inches
Handle: Twist Steel Wire Wrapped
Pommel: All Metal, Decorative
Scabbard or Sheath: Black, Thick Pleather Cordura Sheath w Belt Loop