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300 Spartan LARP Sword

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300 Spartan LARP Sword

The Spartans were men of equal status who were trained for battle, reputed to be the best soldiers in Ancient Greece. The Spartan LARP Sword is a formidable choice for any warrior reenacting his favorite sword and sandal films. Crafted from dense latex-free foam with a unique fiberglass fusion core, this Greek LARP sword is lightweight and extremely flexible. The durable foam construction with painted details provides a realistic look for any cosplay or theatrical production. Displaying a central fuller accented with a series of bowed lines perpendicular to the main groove, the complex blade of this Spartan LARP sword has a variegated grey hue. The black guard curves toward the brown grooved grip, providing protection for the knuckles. With a mix of classic and fantasy elements, this Spartan LARP Sword is suitable for light sparring.


Overall length : 35 inches