1095 Damascus Steel Butchers Knife High Carbon Cutlery

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1095 Damascus Steel Butchers Knife High Carbon Cutlery

Damascus Steel Butchers Knife is one of the best, most durable pieces of Damascus available. It is extra wide for chopping, even unthawed meat will receive a chopping blow from this heavy duty piece of intricate cutlery. The Damascus Steel Butchers Knife does feature a full tang with extended pommel and has excellent balance. Hardness of the blade is 55-60 HRC Rockwell scale, and is suited for just about any type of task. The blade edge has a slight curve to it. Handle grips on this Damascus Steel Butchers Knife are made of Walnut hardwood and feature mosaic pins.

Overall Length: 10 Inches
Blade Length: 4.75 Inches
Blade Material: Japanese 1095 High Carbon, 15N20 Alloy Steel
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Blade Hardness: 55-60 HRC Rockwell Scale
Tang: Full Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, Functional Blade
Blade Features: Blood Groove, Spay-Point Styled Profile, Butcher Knife
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches (including pommel)
Handle: Walnut Hardwood, Metal Pins, Mosaic Pin