Black Clover Asta Demon Slayer Sword

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Black Clover Asta Demon Slayer Foam Sword

The Asta Demon Slayer Sword comes with an ideal length and real like details. The sword is constructed of high-qualityfoam, making it safe for all ages. The Black Clover Asta Sword is the first Anti Magic weapon introduced in the series. It can be enlarged, deflect magic spells, attacks, slicing, and dicing the opponents. The list is huge. But with this honey, you have to concentrate your energy and make up your mind for lifting it. And do not use it to damage your furniture as this is not a battle-ready version. The Sword you see here is a life-size inspired version, a replica meant for Asta Fans. To check more product specifications, read below.

Overall Length: 40 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Blade Material: High Quality Foam
Handle Length: Long 9 Inches handle for a comfortable grip
Perfect for Cosplay, gifts, collection, and Asta fans.