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Demon Slayer 41" Metal Kaiga Ku Samurai Sword Replica

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Demon Slayer 41" Metal Kaiga Ku Samurai Sword Replica

This sword is a replica of the one carried by Kaigaku in the hit anime Demon Slayer. Like his brethren, Kokushibo, Kaigaku carries around a modified version of a standard Nichirin Sword he used when he was a Demon Slayer that is made from his flesh and blood. However, unlike Kokushibo's katana, his katana isn't heavily distorted and is nearly identical to his original one. His flesh katana has a black lightning pattern on both sides of his yellow tinted blade along with a black and gold handle. 


Overal Length:  41 Inches with scabbard
Blade Length: 26.8 Inches
Handle Length: 10.5 Inches
Blade: Carbon Steel decorative blade, Normal Sharp, Thickness 4 MM
Handle: Wood Handle Wrapped W/White Rope
Guard Fitting: Zinc Alloy Guard
Scabbard: Wood With White Painting

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