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Demon Slayer - Kyojuro Rengoku Red Nichirin Sword Katana Metal

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Demon Slayer - Kyojuro Rengoku Red Nichirin Sword Katana Metal

Nichirin Blades are special blades used by and made specifically for the Demon Slaying Corps to slay Demons. They are forged from a unique ore that constantly absorbs sunlight, one of the only major weaknesses of Demons. Therefore, decapitation by Nichirin Blade is one of the only ways a human can kill a Demon, the other being the use of a Wisteria-poison coated weapon.

Nichirin Blades take on a distinct color when first drawn by its owner, which is why they are also referred to as "The Color Changing Swords". However, the holder is required to have a certain amount of skill, or the blade will not change color.

The red Nichirin blade, wielded by Kyojuro Rengoku, symbolizes flame. The brightly-burning Flame Pillar is wonderfully charismatic and often cheerfully eccentric. He has a strong sense of morals and his passion for demon slaying burns with the intense heat of a raging flame.

Like Zenitsu's blade, Kyojuro's blade color took the form of a unique pattern. The red color of his blade manifested in a flame motif that runs down the length of his blade that looks spectacular in conjunction with his Breath of Flames style



Overall Lengh:  41 inches with scabbard
Blade Length: 30 inches
Handle Lengh: 11 inches
Blade Thickness:  4 mm
Handle: Wood Handle Wrapped W/White Rope
Guard: Fitting:Zinc Alloy Guard
Scabbard: The scabbard is constructed of wood with white PU and orange accessories
Blade Features:  Carbon steel decorative blade, normal sharp
Listing is for 1 sword ONLY

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