Fantasy Pantera Claws,

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Fantasy Pantera Claws,

Fantasy Pantera Claws,


Fantasy Pantera Claws, masterfully crafted by fantasy knife designer Tom Anderson, this masterpiece captures the imagination in a truly awe-inspiring collectors piece. The Wolverine inspired "Pantera" has four finger holes which allow for a very comfortable grip which is nicely attained with the use of black/grey wood grain styled composite grips.

The Pantera Claws hand piece is crafted in steel with a dull finish, and measures approximately 5" wide. The eye catching claw-blades each measure approximately 8.5" long, and are wickedly shaped. They are crafted of 440 stainless steel and are razor sharp!

Also included with the TA-57 is a black painted wood wall plaque which comes assembled and proudly and securely displays this treasure. Order two, get one for each hand!