Frostbite Katana Japanese Tosho Sword Black & Gold Supreme Finish

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Frostbite Katana Japanese Tosho Sword

Crafted with special care and accuracy, the Frostbite Katana Japanese Tosho Sword is a replica carbon steel beauty that will look great for years. Featuring an all hardwood Saya painted high gloss black with gold patterns Shimo, or snowflakes/frost patterns, the Frostbite Katana Japanese Tosho Sword shines like a star. Each Katana comes with a wooden handle wrapped in white faux Rayskin and black Ito. The guard/Tsuba is authentic aluminum-zinc alloy with a golden-bronze finish that also matches the pommel.

Overall Length: 41 Inches
Blade Length: 27.125 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Wire Brushed Hamon
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Tang: Half Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Ornate Replica
Tsuba: Authentic Aluminum-zinc Alloy, Anodized Golden-bronze
Handle Length: 10.75 Inches
Handle: Wooden, White Faux Rayskin, Black Ito Wrap
Saya: Hardwood, High Gloss Finish, Black w Gold Accents

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