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Genshin Impact Skyward Pride & Sky-Ripping Dragon Spine Fiberglass Sword

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Genshin Impact Skyward Pride & Sky-Ripping Dragon Spine Fiberglass Sword

Replica from the game Genshin Impact - Skyward Pride.  The sword is 45 inches long and weighs 3.4 pounds. Elaborately crafted lightweight anime sword, the appearance, blade body and handle are all made according to the original animation. This sword is very light and not sharp, not suitable for cutting things, but it can be used for swinging and light cos play.  Sword is crafted from fiberglass.  Material advantages: smooth surface, bright colors, small specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, good insulation performance.


Overall Length: 45 Inches

Blade Length:  34 Inches

Handle Length:  11 Inches

Sword Material:  Constructed of Blue and Gold painted Fiberglass