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Hand forged Scandinavian Wolf Head axe Wood Handle Hatchet

White Deer

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Wolf Axe Hand Forge D 2 Steel


Hand forged Scandinavian wolf head axe from High D 2 High Carbon  Steel, felling axe, chopping axe, Scandinavian felling axe, felling hatchet



Overall Length 16 Inches
Blade 6.4 Inches
Blade Material: Forged, D 2 High Carbon Steel 15N20 Alloy Steels
Hardness or Temper: 55-60 HRC Rockwell Scale
Blade Thickness: 

Axe Head hole size 24 mm
Handle Made Of Burn Ash Wood Comes With Leather Sheath
Features: Hardened Steel Axe Head
Sharpness & Functionality: Sharpened, Functional, razor Sharp

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