Infinite-X2 Spear Point Folding Knife EDC Pocket Clip Silver Finish

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Infinite-X2 Spear Point Folding Knife

This Infinite-X2 Spear Point Folding Knife is an excellent choice for a sharp EDC knife with a pocket clip for easy access. The blade profile is spear point but the knife blade is only sharp on one side, so it has a false edge on the other side. Blade steel is stainless alloy with silver nitride finish. Has a steel frame and aluminum grips. Liner locking. Has pocket clip.

Overall Length: 7.75 Inches
Blade Length: 3.2 Inches
Closed Length: 4.5 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Treated for Toughness
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, EDC Functional
Blade Features: Symetrical Spear Point, Central Ridge
Handle: Steel Frame, Aluminum Grip
Other Features: Liner Locking, Nylon Washer Rings
Finish: All Silver