Ka-Rambo Damascus Folding Knife (Karambit) Giraffe Bone w Engrav

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Ka-Rambo Damascus Folding Knife (Karambit) Giraffe Bone w Engrav

Ka-Rambo Damascus Folding Knife (Karambit) has a very strongly desired blade profile once used by island tribes when competing and entering manhood. The basis for the design is strictly purpose made from it's origins, and adapted to modern day uses such as cutting cordage, opening boxes, and whatever else you might want it for. Otherwise, the Ka-Rambo Damascus Folding Knife has rich tastes in the genuine Giraffe Bone grips for the handle, which are hand selected, handmade, and cut to fit each knife one at a time. Giraffe bone is naturally occurring and renewable, but each grip may differ slightly in appearance, and a lot of these knives have the really high-end Giraffe bone that has a slightly blueish tint (rare and most desired). The solid copper bolstering is carefully engraved with intricate patterns and shiny bevels. The frame on each handmade Exotic Karambit Damascus Folding Knife consists of steel sandwiched between solid brass layers with individual file work performed to each knife.

The Ka-Rambo Damascus Folding Knife is LIMITED EDITION ONLY! Included is a genuine custom leather Quicky holster (sheath) with belt loop and retaining system. Plus a knife sharpener, well, technically it is a blade conditioner, is also included. The holster features a spot to place the knife conditioner rod if you so desire to keep it with you.

Overall Length: 7.85 Inches
Blade Length: 3.5 Inches
Blade Material: Japanese 1095 High Carbon, 15N20 Alloy Steel
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Deployment Type: Manual Folder, Thumb Hole on Blade
Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, Highly Functional Collectors Piece
Blade Features: Forward Swept Profile, False Upper Edge, Filework Spine
Closed Length: 5.375 Inches
Handle: Giraffe Bone, Rare Hand Selected Cut, Hand Worked to Fit
Frame: Steel & Solid Brass, Filework
Other Features: Tassel Hole Large Enough for a Finger
Includes: Genuine Leather Quicky Holster, Knife Sharpener (Conditioner)
Care: Oil the Blade Often