Kendo Bamboo Shinai Training / Practice Sword SET

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Kendo Bamboo Shinai Training / Practice Sword SET

You get 2 Bamboo Kendo swords for 1 Low Price - Ready to spar right out of the box! Kendo, which is the modern martial art of Japanese fencing, developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship known as kenjutsu. Since 1975 the goal of Kendo has been stated by the All Japan Kendo Federation as "to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (the Japanese standard two handed sword)". However, Kendo combines martial arts values with sport elements, with some practitioners stressing the former and others the latter. This 47" solid bamboo sword is designed for use as either a practice sword or a lightweight fighting tool. If you do not foresee a bamboo duel in your future, the unique design of this weapon makes for a superb conversation piece.