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Kitsune Fox Tanjiro Mask

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Kitsune Fox Tanjiro Mask

Every hero must take their first step to becoming great, and for Tanjiro, that meant training exhaustively for the Final Selection. Before he began the journey to Mount Fujikasane, his master bestowed upon him a kitsune mask, with the promise that it will ward evil spirits and calamities. Whether you’re looking for a unique twist on your cosplay, or looking to add to your collection, this mask is a must-have for fans of the show. Protect yourself from harm, so that you can protect others, with this authentic mask from the anime.


Mask Height: 7 Inches
Mask Width: 6 Inches
Strap Circumference: 19 Inches (Can be stretched farther)
Mask Material: Thick and durable polyresin provides the base for the mask, and foam padding and an elastic band ensures comfort for all sizes
Size: One size fits most