Templar Knife Special Limited

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Templar Knife Special Limited

This Knights Templar Dagger is highly ornate and very intricate in appearance, with a 9.5" blade length that is not sharpened but does feature very sharp looking serrations. This is a piece you will want to place on display or possibly even use as a ceremony piece or gift. The Templar Knights are an ancient order, possibly linked with the Freemasons or Masonic Order, and also have connections with the Crusades of the Middle Ages and Medieval Times.

Along with an ornate blade, the Knights Templar Dagger has a hilt for winning hearts, with plenty of design patterns and golden eagle emblems. The handle is aluminum alloy and feels very solid in the hand. On the beautiful round pommel of this Knights Templar Dagger is the iron cross, plus has a red tassel. It also comes with an equally intricate hard scabbard sheath that features metal chain tassel decorations. Metal fittings are added with the matching antiqued finish too.

Overall Length: 17.1 Inches
Blade Length: 9.5 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Tang: Full Length, Threaded Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Non-Sharpened, Display Replica, Ornate
Blade Features: Blood Groove, Partial Serrated
Handle Length: 4.125 Inches
Handle: Aluminum, Antiqued Finish
Scabbard: Hard Scabbard Included, Very Intricate, Features Chain Tassels
With color box