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60 Inches Bezserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword Black Limited Edition

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60 Inches Bezserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword Black Limited Edition

 The Guts Dragon Slayer Sword is now available in a dual-tone finish. The blade is painted black in the middle and is silver towards the edges. The long stainless steel blade is thick enough and is double-edged. The blade is slightly sharp with a pointed tip. Made like a gigantic broadsword, this replica has a solid metal guard and long handle to support dual-hand wielding. The comfortable grip is mainly possible due to the white wrapping over the handle. A perfect fit synthetic leather sheath and a wooden display stand are also included in the package.

The Dragon Slayer Sword of Guts is well-renowned as appeared in the Anime and Manga series. Guts is a former mercenary who still kills monsters and intolerable guys whenever he has to. He is transformed into a formidable foe and becomes nearly unbeatable. With the dragon slayer sword in his possession, nothing is a match for him. Despite the gigantic length and enormous weight, Guts handles his signature sword without breaking a sweat. He cuts anything he wants to in a mere swing. You can have a look at the below features to be more precise.

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Overall Length: 60 Inches
Blade Length: 46.2 Inches
Handle/Hilt Length: 13.75 Inches
Blade Material: Solid Stainless Steel Construction
Handle/Hilt Material: Solid Stainless Steel wrapped in White Cloth

*This sword ships Oversize*
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