BELLY DANCE BALANCED SICMITAR Silver Finish w/ Natural Wood Hand

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Belly Dancer Scimitar that is made of aluminum alloy is very light weight, only about 22 ounces, which is around 1.4 pounds. It is so light that you will hardly notice it after a long day of dancing and having fun. The edge is not sharp for safety and makes this an excellent choice for beginners. Balance of the Belly Dancer Scimitar saber-style sword is just as important to obtain the correct dancing form and style.

Each Belly Dancer Scimitar has a wooden handle grip that does feature a full length steel tang. These are not meant for hitting or cutting, just display and performances. A red tassel hangs from the brass pommel and gives the sword a unique accent.

Overall Length: 32.25 Inches
Blade Length: 26 Inches
Radial Blade Length: 27.125 Inches (Around the Curve)
Blade Material: Aluminum Alloy, High Strength, Lightweight
Blade Thickness: 4.33mm
Tang: Steel Tang, Full Length
Sharpness & Functionality: Blunted Edge, Display Purposes, Not for Cutting
Guard: Aluminum Alloy, Silver Finish, 4.55 Inches Wide
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches, 4 Inch Grip
Handle: Solid Hardwood, Brass Base
Pommel: Solid Brass w Red Tassel
Overall Weight: 22 Ounces (1 lb, 6 oz)
Blade Finish: Painted Metallic Silver