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Churberg Hourglass 14th Century Armor Gauntlets Functional 18 Gauge Carbon Steel

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In a medieval bout, your hands are essential to survival, and people will be looking at them a lot, especially since you will possibly be holding your medieval weapon. These Churberg Hourglass 14th Century Armor Gauntlets are a unique yet effective defender that adds nimble yet high strength protection to your hands. The Churberg Hourglass 14th Century Armor Gauntlets are named loosely due to the shape or look of the wrist area, but provide essential protection and full mobility in a battle. They are crafted entirely from 18 gauge carbon steel, which is heavy enough to provide protection, as well as light enough to be comfortably worn as costume pieces and LARPing armor. The gauntlets possess a flared cuff and articulated fingers, and have been made so that you can hold a medieval weapon in your hands if need be.

The interior of the gauntlets are occupied by thick, supple gloves made of sheep skin and wool, which makes them even more appealing. When worn, they are surprisingly mobile and dexterous, which ensures that you do not lose dexterity and range of movement, either. Each finger plate also has a padded backing to help absorb impact.

Pair for Left & Right Hands
Overall Length: 12 Inches
Forearm Width: 6.675 Inches
Plating Materials: 18ga Carbon Steel
Inner Materials: 7oz Sheepskin Leather, Wool Liner, Rawhide Rings
Range of Motion: Full Range for Each Finger
Protects: Fingers, Thumbs, Hands, Wrists, Partial Forearm
Flared Wrist End for Mobility
Comes as a Matched Set
Great for Costuming, LARP, SCA, Reenactments, and More
Handmade: Each piece is individually crafted and may vary slightly.