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Medieval Riveted Chainmail Padded Gauntlets Gloves Mittens 16ga Carbon Steel

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These Medieval Riveted Chainmail Padded Gauntlets are backed with dome-riveted mail, providing solid hand protection and good gripping capabilities. Each glove has a weight of just under 2 lbs, and the steel surrounds all but the palm and inside of the hand/fingers, leaving you with pleanty of gripping power to hold your medieval weapon. The rings are constructed of carbon steel round rings with the ends riveted together. These padded Medieval Riveted Chainmail Padded Gauntlets will complete any chainmail suit of armour for re-enactments.

Pair for Left & Right Hands
Overall Length: 12.5 Inches
Forearm Width: 5.5 Inches (lay flat)
Chainmail Type: Riveted Steel Chainmale
Ring Materials: 16ga Carbon Steel, Dome-Rivet
Inner Materials: 7oz Sheepskin Leather, Wool Liner
Approximate Weight Each: 1.9 Pounds
Range of Motion: Full Range for Each Finger
Protects: Fingers, Thumbs, Hands, Wrists, Partial Forearm
Comes as a Matched Set
Great for Costuming, LARP, SCA, Reenactments, and More
Handmade: Each piece is individually crafted and may vary slightly.