Extreme Duty Jungle Kukri Knife Japanese CP Steel Standalone Survival Tool Machete

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Extreme Duty Jungle Kukri Knife

From the famous White Deer brand comes this Extreme Duty Jungle Kukri Knife is about 16 inches long with a full tang and the super sharp blade is made of arguably the best knife steel available: Crucible steel. In this case, the type of crucible steel is Japanese CP, which is very tough and holds an edge for a long time, plus it is resistant to the elements. This Nepalese style Extreme Duty Jungle Kukri Knife has a 10.375 inch long, forward swept, forward weighted blade capable of spitting logs, making kindling, or even prepparing a fresh bushcraft meal.

The guard on this Extreme Duty XXL Bowie Knife is solid brass and fixed to the tang for solid and reliable use out in the wild. The hardwood Ebony finished Pakka wood handle is dark grey or black in color, with plenty of natural wood grain showing. Solid brass spacers add to the style and durability of the handle grip. Even the solid brass pommel is peened to the tang.

Overall Length: 16 Inches
Blade Length: 10.375 Inches
Blade Material: Japanese CP Steel
Blade Thickness: 4.75mm
Tang: Full Length Steel Tang
Sharpness & Functionality: Razor Sharp, Extreme Duty Functional
Blade Features: Nepalese Kukri Profile, Blood Groove, Multipurpose
Handle Length: 5.625 Inches
Handle: Solid Ebony Pakka Wood, Solid Brass Spacers, Solid Brass Pommel & Guard
Other Features: Replaces Hunting Knife, Machete, and Axe
Includes: Genuine Leather Sheath Holster w Snap & Belt Loop