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Urokodaki's Tanjirou Red Mask

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Urokodaki's Tanjirou Red Mask

The scowling eyes and mouth and beak-like nose of the tengu mask create a severe façade for an inwardly kind man. Urokodaki Sakonji is a man who was at once broken down and hardened by a cruel world; a shining example of the skills of an old man in a field where men die young. His iconic persona could be yours, with this anime-authentic mask, which is perfect for both cosplay and collections.


Mask Height: 7 Inches
Mask Width: 6 Inches
Strap Circumference: 19 Inches (Can be stretched farther)
Mask Material: Thick and durable polyresin provides the base for the mask, and foam padding and an elastic band ensures comfort for all sizes
Size: One size fits most